Hi Joe, I was just remembering the Promo Master class I attended at your place and realized how many of the hopes I had back then have already come to fruition and even surpassed my expectations. I’ve recently been doing some trailer campaigns in Spanish for movies like Bumblebee, Wonder Park, A Dog’s Way Home and some others I’m currently scratching for. I really believe all this wouldn’t have been possible if I had not been exposed to that weekend in Bel Aire. I just wanted to drop you this quick note and let you know (actually, remind you) that you sharing your knowledge and having the initiative to do these kinds of things has made a positive difference in my career (and therefore, life).” – Mario Gongora

Heyyyyyy Joe… Just sitting here thinking about what a lovely human you are- thanks again for the time & consideration in our consult yesterday!! It was truly a pleasure and I feel like I got a lot, more than I even anticipated, honestly 😆, out of it… Many thanks!!!” – Amber Connor

Joe Cipriano elevates the art of voiceover to another level. His self-mastery and commitment to his own craft are inspiring and his many years in the business of VO make his expertise invaluable. With insight and wisdom, he tailors his consultations in a way to help you grow the most. If you’re ready to advance your career, call Joe.”  – Alicyn Packard

“Just wanted to send you a quick thanks for the great call on Friday!  We covered a lot of ground and I truly appreciate the many observations and insights you shared.  I feel like I now have much greater clarity around the steps I’ll need to take in order to move to the next level.  As you suggested, I did go ahead and make a few immediate changes to my website.  I will be taking additional steps in the near future to more fully incorporate my “denim” branding theme across all touchpoints including an upgraded website, social media, print materials, etc. Thanks again! – Jeff Friedman

Joe is as wise as he is kind….he took the time to research my online presence thoroughly, review my history, mission, strengths, challenges and questions. He provided customized advice that responds to my needs. Joe, your encouragement to continue creating *and* also have the meaningful life that I’m dreaming of means more to me than you can imagine.”Rosi Amador

“…thanks for showing me the higher road still exists…I’m focused on getting there. Your insights couldn’t have come at a better time me.” – Bob Dochterman

“WOW! What an amazing experience! Working with Joe was not only fun and informative, but it gave me terrific insight into the business side of VO and how it relates to promo. We covered marketing techniques and strategy, How to find and procure jobs on your own, agency communication and so much more! Having these new skills has bolstered my confidence and given me a fresh new look into the business….a PERFECT way to start the new year! There’s a reason why Joe is at the top of his game. There’s a reason why we CONSTANTLY hear him voicing promos on the networks. I’m so grateful to have had the time to learn from someone who has had decades to become one of the top VO earners in the world and pick his awesome brain 🙂 Thanks again for everything, Joe!”Mike Brang

“Sitting back and reflecting on this past year for me professionally, I have to say that our chats were without a doubt the catalyst for a lot that transpired over the last 12 months. Your insight and encouragement really set the tone for a fantastic year filled with a lot of great opportunities, some amazing new challenges, and unforgettable professional get togethers. Heck, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have made my very first visit to L.A.! Like I said, it’s been a great year and I hope to keep on carrying the momentum into 2016…”  – Mike Pongracz

“Joe, thank you for thinking of me and the Voxy Ladies for the audition on Friday. I’m so thrilled that one of the VL’s booked it! Your support and advice has been and continues to be something I cherish.  I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being such an integral part of my 2014. Working with you and winning the Don LaFontaine Spirit Award was definitely one of the highlights! May your 2015 be filled with laughter, love, adventure and good fortune! Whatever your desires, dreams and goals are this year, may they be reached and beyond.” Rebecca Davis