Videos and Books


  1. Finding and Working with an Agent with SBV Talent Agent, Mary Ellen Lord…$25
  2. The Evolution of the Business of Voice Acting with Graeme Spicer…$25.00
  3. The Agent/Talent Relationship: Expectations, Obligations, Responsibilities with VO Talent Agent, Jeffrey Umberger…$25
  4. Thinking Like a Voice Seeker: Pay-2-Play Success with J. Michael Collins…$25
  5. Women in Voiceover: The Challenges and Successes with VO Artist, Actress and Singer/Songwriter, Melissa Disney…$25
  6. The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common with author, adventurer and entrepreneur, Richard St. John…$25


  1. Auditioning Tips with Casting Director, Mary Lynn Wissner…$25
  2. It Ain’t About the Mic with VO Coach, David Lyerly…$25
  3. Storytelling as a Career with Audiobook Narrator, Scott Brick…$25
  4. It’s All About the Promo with TV Network Director and VO Coach, David Alden…$25
  5. How to Book the Job – You Know It When You Hear It  with Casting Director, Dane Gorman$25
  6. VO Success: A Perspective from Both Sides of the Glass with VO artist and recording studio owner, Marc Graue…$25


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large living on air“Living On Air” takes you on a charming and funny adventure from small town radio to network television, the Emmys, Grammys, game shows and more. Come along on a heart-warming, humorous and unpredictable roller coaster ride filled with tips on how to make your own voice-over career dream come true. Authored by Joe with Ann Cipriano.

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