Joe Cipriano Career Consulting

Awarding-winning Voice Talent and Author of “Living On Air”

You take classes, attend seminars, work with coaches and travel to conventions, but how do you pull all this knowledge together?

Joe will help you sift through the advice to find what works best for you to set obtainable goals and develop a well-organized plan of success.

Drawing on over 25 years in the voiceover community, Joe’s expertise in guiding your career will include:

  • Steps to Building a Career
  • Maintaining a Career
  • Remaining Relevant in the Changing Landscape of the Voiceover Business.
  • Networking: Facilitating Referrals to Other Professionals, Organizations and Resources
  • Collaboratively Develop Short and/or Long-term Individualized Career Plans
  • Advice on How to Market Yourself, Develop Planning Strategies and More.

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